External / Internal Wall Insulation

Approximately 35% of homes in the UK have solid walls. The walls can consist of Stone, Brick, or have a timber framed structure. External or Internal Wall Insulation is available to insulate these properties.

Internal Wall Insulation consists of using a framework of insulation against the internal walls of your property. This is then boarded and re-plastered so you wont even know its been done. You’ll just have a warmer home. Its can even be done in conservation areas.

External Wall Insulation fixes layers of insulation to the exterior of the property and covering it with a silicon based pre coloured render. This can be done to match the existing finish of the property or to refresh the exterior with a style of your choice such as smooth, textured, brick effect or pebble dashed finish.

Having your solid wall property insulated has a number of benefits including:

  • Property’s heat loss reduced by up to 45%
  • Energy bills reduced by up to £490 per year.
  • Reduced condensation on internal surfaces.
  • Provides weatherproofing.
  • Improves appearance and property value.
  • Minimum disruption for the householder.

Here are some examples of our recent work, before, during and after insulating an internal wall:

Show:Internal Wall BeforeInternal Wall DuringInternal Wall After
  • Before 1
  • Before 2
  • Before 3