Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI)

Millions of Britain’s homes are eligible for free Cavity Wall Insulation under the ECO scheme, but have not yet claimed it.

Many houses were built with a cavity space built into the wall. By filling this gap with a highly effective insulation, either bead or fibre, is an excellent way of making your home more energy efficient.

Having the cavities in your house insulated could save £1000’s in its lifetime and will provide warmer homes and lower energy bills. This will also reduce wear on your boiler and extend its efficiency.

We can offer a free survey to check eligibility for you and your home and arrange the installation for you during your survey.

We use only BBA approved materials that are guaranteed so you we provide peace of mind with every job.

  • Property’s heat loss reduced by up to 35%
  • Energy bills reduced by up to £250 per year.
  • Most cost-effective energy-saving method.
  • Reduced condensation on internal surfaces.
  • Minimal disruption to property