Boiler Installs

Team 42 have installed 100’s of boilers across the North East saving every customer £1000′s on their energy bills. Subject to a free survey and eligibility Team 42 will upgrade your existing boiler to an A-Rated boiler totally FREE of charge. Around 55% of a typical household’s energy bills is accounted for by the central heating boiler. Replacing your old gas boiler with an ‘A-rated’, high-efficiency condensing boiler is a very cost effective way of reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, and could save as much as £310 a year. G-Rated boilers, usually a boiler of 15+ years, are often only 60% efficient therefore for every £1 heating costs you could be wasting 40p by having an inefficient system. In 2010 the law changed for boiler installs and new boilers fitted now can only be 90% plus efficient, A-Rated condensing boilers. This reduces heating bills and helps protect our environment by reducing Great Britain’s carbon foot print.

We are also able to offer boiler servicing and repairs on all types of boilers, domestic and commercial.
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